15 NOVEMBER 2020

A 10K race around Cardiff Bay

How To Eat Healthily During The Coronavirus Outbreak

You may be able to keep on top of your training for your next 10k run by making good use of your allocated exercise time, but how do you maintain a nutritious diet when you have a limited supply of fresh fruit and veg? We asked nutritionist Rob Hobson, in conjunction our Vitamin Partner Healthspan, for his advice. 

Self-isolation has become a key weapon to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This essential measure in the battle to curb the virus can impact people’s ability to access fresh food, such as fruit and vegetables. But there are plenty of store-cupboard ingredients that can provide essential vitamins and minerals and help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Rob offers up some great advice and tips of which cupboard essentials are the most nutritious and simple hacks that can make your fresh food last longer.

Did you know you can freeze bananas, eggs and yoghurt? Did you know that the vitamin C content of frozen fruit is often higher than their fresh counterparts? Do you know which vitamins are the most important to help boost your immunity?

Read more about Rob’s top tips around how to keep eating healthily right now by clicking below!

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